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Price: $150/M, $750/5M

Weight: 5-10 lbs

Shape: Round

Rind: Narrow dark stripes

Description: Early, big, yellow flowers. Excellent pollinizer. Jubilee stripe.


Price: $169/M, $845/5M

Weight: 5-7 lbs

Rind: Grey (non-edible)

Shape: oval to round

Description: Boost is an outstanding, new generation pollenizer, bred to produce maximum numbers of flowers with the highest quality pollen. Boost is a prolific flower than most pollenizer varieties. Boost produces a high number of early and mid maturity flowers. Boost mixes well with Edom to pollinate your seedless crop.


Price: $140/M, $700/5M

Weight: 4-6 lbs

Shape: Round- Oval

Rind: (Non- edible) 

Description: Yellow flesh. High flowering level. Good flesh quality