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Looking for a consistent 45 count watermelon with a tremendous vine and the highest fruit sets in our trials? LaJoya is the answer! LaJoya is a round, 12-15 lb watermelon with a dark striped rind and dense flesh. It usually has some of the highest penetrometer readings in our trials of 4.0 or higher! Beautiful rind, dark red, firm interior and the highest yields make LaJoya a variety you can count on to fulfill your 45 count and 60 count business!


#4456 is a 20 – 24 pound yellow diploid hybrid watermelon. #4456 is fusarium resistant. It has an 82 day maturity and features increased fruit set with a vine that provides very good vigor and sun protection. One of the biggest strengths of this variety is the eating quality and taste. A great replacement for Summer Gold!


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