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About YO watermelons

Founded in 2017, YO WATERMELONS was started to bring the highest quality yellow and orange interior watermelon seed to the marketplace. We feature yellow, orange and gold fleshed watermelons that have the highest interior quality in the industry!

In the future, YO WATERMELONS will be a supply line for commercially available watermelon fruit supply to chain stores and other large colored watermelons.


#4456 is the perfect replacement for Summer Gold Seed

from $60.00

#4456 is a 20 – 24 pound yellow diploid hybrid watermelon.  #4456 is fusarium resistant.  It has an 82 day maturity and features increased fruit set with a vine that provides very good vigor and sun protection.  One of the biggest strengths of this variety is the eating quality and taste.

Hybrid Seedless

Gold Sweet

from $50.00

Price – $380/M, $1900/5M

  • 11-13 lb
  • Firm, crisp, lemon yellow flesh
  • Jubilee/Tiger striped rind
  • Round-oval shape
  • 85 day maturity. Excellent producer of uniform fruit.

Orange Crisp

from $31.90

Price: $400/M, $2000/5M

Prices – $400/M, $2000/5M

  • 14-18 lbs
  • Vibrant orange flesh
  • Jubilee rind pattern
  • Round-Oval
  • Pollinator required. 90 days.

Hybrid Seeded

Gold Strike

Sold Out!

We are currently sold out of Gold Strike seed.

from $9.15

  • 22-25 lbs
  • Beautiful orange flesh
  • Dark striped rind
  • Oblong shape
  • Very productive crop & tolerant to Fusarium wilt.
  • Darker than Summer Gold.

Summer Gold

Sold Out!

We are currently sold out of Summer Gold seed.

from $9.15

  • 25 lbs
  • Yellow gold with crisp flesh
  • Green with a mottled striped rind
  • Oblong shape crop
  • Summer gold is an early crop of 80-85 days. It has great taste and tolerant of Fusarium wilt.